The Top 5 Prebuilt Gaming PC Under 1000 Bucks

Some of the best PCs for gaming are under $1000.However, they face a lot of competition from brands like Microsoft and Sony both of which produce great gaming consoles for less than five hundred dollars. But thanks to the top prebuilt PC manufacturers whereby they’ve realized to keep up with their competitors they have to bring down the price of their gaming machines. That said below are the top five gaming PCs under $1000.


CyberPower Gamer Dragon

The company behind the production of this PC gaming device is one of the longest running in business. It offers crazy deals and discounts on the best gaming hardware thus assuring you to get the best possible gaming device for your money. This company offers different gaming hardware models that feature a range of options you can use in refining what you need out of your device. With a 4GB graphic card of type AMD R9 380 and eight core processor of type AMD FX8320, it can stream through TripleA titles at 4k resolution without a slip of a frame.



Syber Vapor one

This machine is made of console convert. When valve first announced Steam OS back in the year 2013 dozens of PC manufacturers rushed out their products to take advantage of the new operating system. But for the case of Syber’s vapor 1 company it commissioned and built steam machines before valve had confirmed their operating system was in beta, thus forcing them ship their gaming computers running on regular windows. This gaming PC

can share a space in your living next to Xbox one or PS4 v.


Alienware X51 R3

It is a gaming machine that can perform best in any condition and is the latest PC gaming hardware. This machine can be customized endlessly from the moment you sign onto the site. Thus providing you with the option of adding much horsepower as you may need and be able to shave off any extra noise that does not result in smooth and finest polygon-packed gaming. It has core i7 Skylake processor of sixth generation Intel and a DDR4 RAM of 8GB.


Digital storm vanquish 4

The company behind the production of this gaming device is known for its attention to detail and quality. While the machine is not sleekest or most stylish it still offers a combination of hardware features that churns out 1080p of graphics on medium to max setting. It has i5 6500 Intel of fifth-generation alongside a 2GB graphics card of Nvidia GTX950 type. Both of them are considered to be the best-valued peripherals that can power the machine.


Lenovo Erazer X 315

Lenovo the company behind the production of this machine is known for its gaming pedigree. In recent years it has shifted its focus in making reliable and powerful gaming machines that have impressive specs and all around built qualities; an example is Lenovo Erazer X315. It features a DDR3 RAM of 12GB and 2GB graphics card of type R9 260 and a processor of AMD A10-7850k type.



The great thing about PC gaming devices is that you are never forced into picking either one as the machines come in different specs and designs thus providing you with the range of options to select the one you like.